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As a premier traffic management company in Surrey, Glen Traffic is your destination for comprehensive traffic solutions. Our core competency lies in customizing traffic management plans, emphasizing safety and efficiency. From overseeing lane closures to delivering expert flagging services, we offer equipment rentals, plan and permit assistance, all designed to facilitate a smooth and compliant project execution. At Glen Traffic, our commitment to redefining road safety and enhancing transportation security makes every journey a secure and smooth experience. As a leading traffic control company, we prioritize safety above all else, implementing cutting-edge solutions to create efficient and secure roads. Trust Glen Traffic for the successful progression of your projects and safer journeys.

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traffic management service in surrey

Traffic Management Services

When it comes to Traffic Management Services, our skilled team is all about making your work site safe and efficient. We have much experience and expertise in handling traffic, whether for a construction project, an event, or any situation that needs traffic control. At Safety Driven Solutions, we’re committed to keeping everyone safe while keeping traffic moving smoothly.

Lane closure service in surrey

Lane Closure Service Designed for Your Needs

When you require lane closures for your project, whether due to construction, maintenance, or other project-related needs, Glen Traffic steps in with its dedicated Lane Closure Service. Our experienced team meticulously oversees the entire process to guarantee a seamless operation that minimizes disruptions. We ensure precise execution, allowing your project to progress smoothly without unnecessary interruptions.

traffic Flagging service in surrey

Expert Flagging Service for Seamless Traffic Flow

Our Flagging Service makes sure your project’s traffic flows smoothly and safely. Our skilled team maintains optimal traffic flows by minimizing disruptions to ensure smooth car and pedestrian passageways. You can rely on our service to keep your project site safe, allowing you to focus on your work without traffic concerns.

traffic equipment rental service in surrey

Reliable Equipment Rental for Effective Traffic Control

At Glen Traffic, we’re experts in renting equipment for traffic control. We have various gear like barriers, signs, and cones to help your project. Our main goal is to ensure you have good equipment to handle traffic effectively. You can easily rent what you need without making long commitments, which helps you get your project done smoothly.

traffic plans and permits service in surrey

Effortless Plans and Permits Acquisition

Glen Traffic effortlessly simplifies the process of obtaining plans and permits. We understand that navigating these intricacies can be daunting and time-consuming. Our experienced team ensures that your plans and permits are acquired with ease and efficiency. Let Glen Traffic take the reins, making acquisition hassle-free for you.

Your Ultimate Solution for Traffic Management in Surrey

We are fully dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions for your traffic management concerns. Our expert team is committed to handling all intricate details, enabling you to focus on your project’s smooth progress and success. Reach out now and experience the exceptional quality of our traffic management solutions!


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