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Are you tired of facing obstacles due to outdated or inadequate equipment in your construction or traffic management projects? Look no further! At Glen Traffic, we take pride in being the leading equipment rental agency that empowers your success.

Rent Quality Traffic Control Equipment

Welcome to Glen Traffic, where you can find the best traffic control equipment. Whether you’re working on a construction project, road maintenance, or organising an event, we have the right equipment to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

Why Choose Us?

Wide Selection

We offer diverse traffic safety equipment for various requirements. We have everything from traffic cones and barriers to message boards and arrow signs.

Quality Assurance

Our equipment is top-notch and thoroughly inspected before every rental, ensuring it performs optimally and meets safety standards

Flexible Rental Periods

We offer flexible options for renting equipment, whether you require it to be rented for just one day, a few days, or even a whole week.

Expert Assistance

Our experts will help you choose the appropriate traffic management rental equipment for your project.

How It Works

Browse Equipment

Our extensive selection of products will help you find exactly what your project needs.

Request a Quote

You can get an instant quote by completing our online form. Or you can call us.

Confirm Reservation

Once you’ve selected the equipment and rental period, confirm your Reservation with us.

Delivery & Setup

We’ll deliver the traffic safety equipment to your location and assist with the setup if needed.

Easy Returns

We’ll pick up the equipment from your site after your rental period.

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Traffic Equipment Rental

Unlock Success with Top-Quality Traffic Management Rental Services

Don’t let subpar traffic equipment hinder your progress. Our top-quality rental options ensure you have the tools for flawless traffic control. There are no more bottlenecks or delays – just seamless execution and absolute success.
Traffic Equipment Rental
Maximize Productivity with Cutting-Edge Equipment Rental Solutions!
Outdated equipment can cripple your productivity and keep you from reaching your goals. Embrace innovation with our cutting-edge rental solutions, designed to take your efficiency to new heights and give you that competitive edge.
Traffic Equipment Rental
Traffic Equipment Rental
Your Trusted Equipment Rental Agency – Making Your Vision a Reality!
We know that the projects you are working on represent more than a simple task – it’s your vision in action. Partner with our reliable equipment rental agency, and we’ll provide you with a wide range of tools to transform your ideas into reality.
Traffic Equipment Rental
No More Delays: Optimize Efficiency with Traffic Control Equipment Rental!
Time is precious, and delays can cost you dearly. Our state-of-the-art traffic control equipment ensures smooth operations, keeping your projects on track and maximizing your team’s productivity.
Traffic Equipment Rental
Traffic Equipment Rental
Empowering Your Success: Unleash Potential with Equipment Rental!
Your success begins with the tools you have in your arsenal. With our top-notch equipment rental services, you’ll unlock your true potential and achieve remarkable results in every project you undertake.


Want to elevate your projects? Experience first-hand the benefits of renting equipment that is high quality. Glen Traffic’s clients have been transforming their businesses for years. Let’s get started today!


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The traffic control equipment we rented from Glen Traffic was in excellent condition and made our road construction project much safer and efficient

John D

The team at Glen Traffic provided us with outstanding customer service and helped us choose the right equipment for our event. Highly recommended!

Sarah M