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Glen Traffic is your local trusted partner for traffic control management in Coquitlam. We are proudly associated with Local LiUNA 1611 and specialize in providing comprehensive solutions incorporating the latest technology and our extensive industry experience.
Glen Traffic has been the top choice for Traffic Management in Coquitlam for over a decade. With experienced flaggers, well-maintained equipment, and meticulous planning, we ensure that work zones operate smoothly with minimal disruptions. Whether you need coordinated lane closures or road closures service, our experts develop plans that protect workers and guide drivers seamlessly. As specialists in Traffic Control, we have the high-visibility gear, mobile signs, and expertise to keep your projects on schedule and roadways safe.


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Our Services

traffic management service in surrey

Traffic Management Solutions

Glen Traffic has extensive experience managing traffic in Coquitlam. With a team of highly trained professionals, we design customized plans to keep vehicles moving safely and smoothly. Whether implementing detours during roadwork or directing vehicles at busy intersections, we aim to minimize delays and maximize traffic flow. Through innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we help reduce congestion and improve traffic conditions across the city.

Lane closure service in surrey

Lane Closure Service

Glen Traffic is the premier lane closure management firm. With over a years of experience, our experts have coordinated thousands of projects. We understand how vital smooth traffic flow is and ensure minimal disruptions through strategic planning and on-site supervision. Drivers appreciate our advance notice of closures and marked detours. Construction crews feel secure knowing we oversee safety compliance. Our reputation stems from guaranteeing projects progress on schedule while motorists and workers face no unnecessary risks.

traffic Flagging service in surrey

Flagging Service

Our highly trained flagging personnel have extensive experience directing vehicles and pedestrians safely. Careful attention and clear signals ensure smooth traffic flow, even in busy or complex situations. Whether navigating a roadwork zone or a large gathering, you can count on our team to provide visible guidance with courtesy and focus.

traffic equipment rental service in surrey

Traffic Control Equipment Rental

Glen Traffic is the region’s leading provider of traffic control equipment rental. With over a decade of experience, we cover all your traffic control equipment rental needs. Rent variable message signs, barricades, cones, and more from Glen Traffic. Our equipment is in stock and ready to deliver for both short- and long-term projects. For quality equipment and service, trust Glen Traffic for your traffic control equipment rental.

traffic plans and permits service in surrey

Traffic Management Plans and Permits

Navigating the complex regulations surrounding traffic management can overwhelm even experienced companies. At Glen Traffic, our dedicated compliance specialists have years of experience obtaining the various permits and approvals required by law. We understand the nuances of each locality’s codes and work diligently to develop plans that meet all guidelines. By handling the permit process, we ensure our clients can focus on their core business while benefiting from our expertise in maintaining smooth traffic flow according to applicable rules.


Highway Closure Service

Glen Traffic is a go-to solution for efficient Highway Closure Services. Our expert team ensures seamless road closures, prioritizing safety and minimal disruption—Trust Glen Traffic to manage closures precisely, offering a reliable service tailored to your needs. Experience the epitome of professionalism in highway management – choose Glen Traffic for a secure and hassle-free road closure experience.

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Automated Flagger Assistance Device System (AFAD)

Glen Traffic provides innovative traffic management solutions focused on efficiency and safety. We integrate advanced, flexible, and automated detection technology into our services. AFAD enables precise, automated traffic control that optimizes flow based on demand. Glen Traffic leverages AFAD to manage varying traffic conditions efficiently and efficiently. Our solutions redefine traffic management standards with automated detection and control that keeps traffic moving safely and smoothly.

Glen Traffic provides the following services in Coquitlam:

   – Customized Traffic Management Plans

   – Lane Closure Services

   – Flagging and Equipment Rental

   – Plans and Permits

Glen Traffic specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for traffic control management. They incorporate the latest technology and have extensive industry experience.

Glen Traffic ensures client satisfaction by planning, managing, and maintaining company projects from beginning to end. They prioritize client satisfaction, efficiency, and safety to deliver excellent results.

Yes, Glen Traffic is proudly associated with Local LiUNA 1611, demonstrating their commitment to collaborating with local partners for traffic control management.

To learn more about Glen Traffic’s services and how we can cater to your unique business needs, you can contact them today. We will provide detailed information and address any inquiries you may have.

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Whether you need flagging services, lane closures, or special event traffic control, we’re ready to assist with all your traffic management requirements. Contact us to discuss the project you are planning and how we can assist you as the Traffic Management Company in Coquitlam. We’re looking forward to using our top-of-the-line Traffic Control Services to benefit your needs.


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