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As one of the leading traffic management companies in Richmond, Glen Traffic understands the importance of safety on our roads. We have been providing industry-leading traffic control solutions to construction sites, municipalities, and transportation authorities throughout Richmond. Whether you need help with traffic management plans, lane closures, or highway work zones, Glen Traffic has the expertise and resources to complete your project efficiently and safely.
Our dedicated team at Glen Traffic is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of traffic control. Whether you require a Lane Closure Service, Highway Closure Service, or Flagging Service, we have the expertise and experience to handle it all. We are aware of the importance of a well-functioning traffic flow, and therefore, our services are designed to address the specific demands of Richmond.

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Our Services

traffic management service in surrey

Traffic Management Solutions

Glen Traffic experienced team thoroughly assesses each client’s unique traffic management challenges. Whether managing congestion around a construction site or special event, our experts design customized plans. We ensure smooth vehicle and pedestrian flow using the latest equipment and strategies. Signage, barricades and staff keep all safely guided through evolving situations. Ongoing monitoring and adjustments maintain efficient traffic control plans. Satisfied customers praise Glen Traffic professional solutions that optimize safety and productivity.

Lane closure service in surrey

Lane Closure Service

Glen Traffic specializes in expertly managing lane closures for your project, ensuring a smooth and safe process. Our team will develop a detailed traffic control plan to close the necessary lanes for your project in a way that minimizes disruptions to traffic flow. Our services prioritize minimizing disruptions while prioritizing safety, guaranteeing efficient implementation of lane closures. We aim to complete lane closures efficiently so roads can reopen to two-way traffic as soon as possible.

traffic Flagging service in surrey

Flagging Service

Our highly trained flaggers have extensive experience directing vehicles and pedestrians safely. With careful hand signals and protective gear, they guide traffic smoothly through work zones and large gatherings. You can rely on our team’s quick thinking in unpredictable situations. As professionals, they ensure that sites meet compliance standards without disrupting schedules. Trust us for expert flagging services, ensuring a safe environment for all.

traffic equipment rental service in surrey

Traffic Control Equipment Rental

Glen Traffic provides rental and equipment services for all traffic control needs. Whether you need signs, barricades, or other equipment, we have many high-quality items to help direct traffic safely around any work zone. Our equipment rental options save customers money compared to purchasing items for one-time use. Furthermore, renting via us gives you 24-hour support should problems be encountered. Trust Glen Traffic to supply reliable traffic control equipment rentals for any site, from roadwork to events.

traffic plans and permits service in surrey

Traffic Management Plans and Permits

Let Glen Traffic simplify your experience with traffic management planning and permits. Obtaining the necessary permits often requires navigating multiple agencies with differing requirements. Glen Traffic takes this burden off of your shoulders. Our experts have years of experience satisfying every required element, from approved signage plans to permitted lane closures. Navigating the intricacies of regulations can be daunting, but we handle it for you, ensuring compliance and a seamless process. Trust us to manage the complexities, making your journey hassle-free.


Highway Closure Service

Glen Traffic provides a reliable Highway Closure Service to keep travellers safe. With over years of experience, our team seamlessly coordinates all closure details. Detours and roadblocks are erected precisely to guide traffic away from areas of work. Trust Glen Traffic for unparalleled Highway Closure Services where expertise meets safety, ensuring smooth operations.

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Automated Flagger Assistance Device System (AFAD)

Our Automated Flagger Assistance Device System (AFAD) utilizes the latest technological advancements to optimize traffic control. Its sensors and automated arm movements direct traffic precisely to maximize efficiency. Whether in busy intersections or complex construction zones, it seamlessly directs vehicles and pedestrians with perfect timing. Crews can focus on other tasks knowing this innovative system safely and reliably handles traffic control. Glen Traffic leads the industry with solutions that enhance safety and productivity on every site.

Glen Traffic offers a comprehensive range of services that include customized traffic management plans, lane closure services, flagging and equipment rental, as well as plans and permits for traffic control.

Glen Traffic sets itself apart by combining cutting edge technology with extensive industry experience, providing customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. Additionally, their affiliation with local LiUNA 1611 highlights their commitment to quality and professionalism.

Absolutely! Glen Traffic is dedicated to upholding the highest industry safety standards. They have a team of highly trained workers who comply with stringent safety regulations, ensuring a safe environment for both their workers and the general public.

To get in touch with Glen Traffic, you can reach out to them through their preferred contact method. Please refer to their website or contact page for their current contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and possibly an online inquiry form.

While Glen Traffic is a leading traffic control management company in Vancouver, they may be able to provide services outside of Vancouver depending on the project and location. It is best to contact them directly to discuss your specific requirements and determine the feasibility of their services in your area.

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Glen Traffic has safely managed traffic in Vancouver for over a year. Whether you need traffic management for road work or special events, our professional traffic controllers know how to minimize disruptions. We work closely with authorities to develop traffic control plans that comply with all regulations. During your project, our team will ensure smooth vehicle and pedestrian flows. Our traffic control devices, like signs, barricades and cones, meet industry standards for visibility and durability. Get in touch with us for a discussion of your particular requirements and request a quotation. Our goal is to help your project be completed safely and on schedule.


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